Deborah Agrest, LCSW-R


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Deborah Agrest, LCSW-R
1841 Broadway (60th Street)
Suite 1202
New York, NY 10023

The experiences that we don’t want to talk about, think about, or remember haunt us.  They may cause us to  feel numb and distant from people, situations, or our bodies. Whether thoughts, feelings, or events have undermined your sense of self, triggering anxiety, depression, anger, or grief, or you are struggling in your relationships or with your sexuality, you can begin to feel less perplexed and alone.  You may not know yet what the trouble is, just that there is a sense that something is missing.   Together we will figure out what is going on and formulate ways to create positive change.  I work collaboratively in a present, empathic, and  interactive way to work to ease the pain and move toward long-term growth. The therapeutic alliance is the field in which we’ll address patterns that are impacting your personal life and work.

Please have a look at the following pages of my website.  Perhaps you will find something that resonates with your experience.